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1st Bridge - Brokers and Our Bridge Loans
Bridge loans starting at 6.9% & 1 point
1st Bridge™ is one of the private lenders most committed to the protection of its brokers. As a matter of simple logic as well as ethical standard, none of our brokered loans has ever gone uncompensated. Brokers send their brokerage agreements to our attorneys, and the brokers’ fees are disbursed from the proceeds at the closings. A brokerage agreement has to be signed by both the broker and the borrower.

We invite you to learn about the advantages 1st Bridge™ offers, and take note of our criteria. As part of our ongoing endeavor to provide value to our brokers and borrowers we have added below a complementary list of a few links you might find useful:

The Federal Open Market Committee - History of target rates set by The Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee.
IRS - Online information for businesses and individuals, downloadable tax forms, EIN application, and more.
NYC - New York City’s online information resource and e-payment center for real estate taxes, water and sewer charges, traffic violations and more.
ACRIS - New York City’s Automated City Register Information System - New York City Department of Finance's web-based database containing most of the real property records from 1982 to date.
NAMB - National Association of Mortgage Brokers - A national organization providing professional courses, certifications, legal information, and representation in Washington, DC.
Free Commercial Mortgage Lender Databank - Apply for a commercial mortgage loan once and get the rates of 640 lenders free in two minutes. Submit to six lenders at a time with one click.
LoopNet - An online multiple listing service for commercial real estate.
Foreclosures - A resource for foreclosure information and services nationwide.
New York Free Real Estate Marketplace